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I have been an artist and a problem-solver all my life. I have engaged in many disciplines always with a slant towards the visual arts. I've found that this variety has added to understanding the interrelationships involved in the production and reproduction of most things visual.

At the core of my work is problem solving, the working process to solve the problem and a discernable result, i.e. a solution. For a portrait the problem to solve is how to represent the personality of the sitter, the process is the act of drawing/painting, and the result is the portrait itself.

I literally grew up in a small printing company my parents owned. I worked there weekends and summers through high school running the bindery and doing traditional paste-up/mechanicals. I started doing commercial art at age fifteen and after attending the Kansas City Art Institute I returned to my parents company and worked as both shop foreman and ran the camera room/paste-up/design area for six years before becoming a full time commercial artist on my own.

As a freelance commercial artist I spent the next fifteen years doing a wide variety of work, concentrating on logotype and design work, I spent ten of those years working in the Comic Book field with a small crew, primarily as a colorist, moving from mechanical color guides to full painted color. I also advised several publishers moving from hand separations to reflective and laser scanning processes.

I returned to art school and spent several years studying anatomy and portrait drawing at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. After spending a summer painting and drawing in rural France I moved to New York to study at the Art Student's League with Ted Seth Jacobs for a year and then returned to France for two years and continued these studies at L’Ecole Albert Defois, returning to New York in 1993.

On my return, I found the desktop computer had taken over many of the mechanical art duties and was obviously the direction publishing was moving. I moved into a job at Macy's Herald Square in their Advertising Department and gained the computer skills needed to remain viable in the marketplace. I have a knack for understanding the way computers function and through a series of roles, became the End User Computing Manager, running a three person staff to support nearly two hundred Macintosh computers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Hoboken. All advertising and collateral for Macy's East one hundred stores are created by this division. I worked to move them into Digital Photography, create an in-house Pre-Press operation, Intranet and releasing ads in PDF format via the internet to over sixty newspapers.

I am now looking for new challenges in creative art and publishing. This web site contains representative examples of the visual and computer work I've done. It is harder to represent my skills in working with teams of people to create processes to produce such work and the depth of knowledge of reproduction methods to do all of these things professionally.