The web work below includes this very site, written in HTML 4.0 with snippets of JavaScript and animated GIFs. I've authored several Intranet sites for Advertex Communications, Inc. and assisted with resources for the retail site. I use both BBEdit and Dreamweaver to write the code and Dreamweaver along with Transmit to do site management and FTP. Adobe Photoshop, Imageready and Fireworks MX are utilized for image creation and manipulation and Flash MX some for those things that Flash does so well. All of these sites were designed and written (coded) by myself with one exception (noted below). I also created all graphics not supplied by the clients and optimized them for web use.

There is also a page of banners for retail emails and animated gifs for web sites. Click the button above to view them.
Click on the images below to visit these sites.
Mount Soma
This is a site for a mountain property developer. Nearly sixty pages with a Flash interactive map, popups of lot photos with descriptions and an email form.
Kevin Hiatt Music
This site, done for a musician includes a bio, contact information and playable song snippets. I alsodesigned the CD also to which this site is the companion. The CD design can be viewed by clicking here.
This is a commercial site for a online bartending course. A Flash index page with animation, rollover links with sound and background sounds and controls to turn the music file on and off. It was recently discontinued and I am hosting the pages for my site for use in this web site portfolio.
A 440
This site is for a member of the Piano Technician's Guild in Pennsylvania. a basic two frame site in HTML.
More Than A Woman
This site is the home for a New York "indie" film.
The Golden Frog
This web site is for the launch of a new book by Michael Mamas. It includes a DHTML drop down navigation bar and a PHP event calendar. The site has been updated by others but the basics are still evident.
ABC Furniture
This is a design for an online furniture distributer. Created with Macromedia Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.
Advertex Online
This is an intranet site shown here with images of the databases as an example of site construction. Click the image above to cruise a stripped down version of the site.
G. L. Audio
This is a simple one page ad site for a car stereo installer. It includes a audio file that loads and plays with the page.
This is a small personal site for a rural blues fan.
This very site that you are on has examples of HTML, animated gifs and Javascript coding no one has asked me to use yet. So explore here too. You might just find what you need.

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