The training I've been involved with encompasses both training users on the new features and changes of software upgrades for the Desktop Publishing applications and the Mac OS itself along with the Standard Operating Procedures used in the work environment. The training materials and memos to users supplement both hands on training and group training sessions and are geared towards Quick Start Guides and references for users to have as hard copies or posted in HTML or PDF format on an Intranet site or file server volume.
These examples are posted merely as examples of a variety of clear, concise, but not too dry communications to help the user to help themselves.
ADflow Guide
ADflow Quick Start Guide: This is a simple step by step guide given out at a meeting before individual hands on training for an internal beta test of a workflow software module.
Network Memo
Network Change Notice: This memo was issued to announce both changes to network file server volumes and on the end user configurations. The use of visual cues and step by step instructions and the mild humor of the cover sheet help to ease the end user to feel comfortable with a number of simultaneous changes to their work environment.
Cumulus Guide
Canto Cumulus Client Guide: This guide was written to show every element of the client software as used in the specific end user environment. Meant to be printed on standard three hole punch paper and added as a chapter to a Standard Operating Procedure binder kept by each end user.
Open Item Memo
OpenItem Memo: This memo describes a FileMaker Runtime Solution, a version of which can be downloaded elsewhere on this site, created to speed navigating a group of image storage file server volumes containing over six hundred separate folders.
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