AppleScript is a scripting system that allows you to directly control Macintosh applications, including the Mac OS itself. Instead of using a mouse or other input device to manipulate menus, buttons, and other interface items, you can create sets of written instructions to automate repetitive tasks, customize applications, and even control complex workflows.

AppleScript Studio in Mac OS X can create applications with full interfaces that automate inter-application commands, information retrieval and repetitive tasks, run shell scripts, incorporate Java Script, use XML/RPC and more.

A person who is familiar with the scripting language can create sophisticated scripts that many people can use. For example, a scripting specialist in a publishing business can write scripts for everyone in the business to use. Scripts are also sold commercially, included with applications, and distributed over the Internet. For businesses, automated AppleScript workflows provide consistency, accuracy, and speed while delivering a reduced cost for time, materials and staff. More gets done in less time and with fewer mistakes. AppleScript makes you money!

I've written many AppleScripts to create workflows between Cumulus, QuarkXPress, FileMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Distiller and Phase One Capture software using AppleScript, PreFab Player, FaceSpan and AppleScript Studio. These are specific to their networks and user configurations and pointless to post, what are posted are simple examples that will work for an individual with the appropriate software.

These examples were primarily written for Mac OS 9 and are "badged" with a Mac OS 9 or X icon to denote which OS they were originally meant for although most will run on both. They are in Stuffit "sit" format. If you don't have Stuffit Expander a link to the free download is at the bottom right of this page.


Quark 4.11 Pica/Inch Toggle: This script application was written to bridge the two camps who use picas or inches as their QuarkXPress document measuring system, alowing either to quickly switch the document as they work on it. It presents a dialog stating the front document filename and current mesurement system with a cancel button and a button to switch to the other measurement system. A one trick pony script, but it saves severals clicks and a grumble from either pica or inch aficionado.


Canto Cumulus 5 Scripts: These are compiled AppleScripts meant to be placed in one of the Menu Commands folders and run from the application Menu Bar options. These scripts extend the functionality of Cumulus 5 Single User Edition to be able to add the same Catagories and Notes to muliple records.

Application Switcher: This is a FaceSpan application.This was written as a Control Panel to give an interface to the many modifier key combinations available for the Mac OS 8x "tearoff" Application Switcher.

X Aid: This is an AppleScript Studio Project still in development, everything works and it can be used safely, there is just a lot more I'm planning for it. It is being written as a maintence tool for the end user to use with a standard install of Mac OS 10.2x "Jaguar".

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