A Jumbotron is a large LED display device. Most commonly they are used at sporting events.  Jumbotron has become the generic name for all huge display devices. However, Jumbotron is a trademark of the Sony corporation. Macy's Herald Square has two Jumbotron screens on the 34th Street and Seventh Avenue corners in Manhattan. The day after the September 11th attacks my support coordinator Sid Weir and I put together this video to replace the commercial announcements. We used a Sony Palmcorder and filmed the flags waving at Madison Square Garden. We then brought the DV into Apple's Final Cut Pro lightened, slightly slowed the movement and scrolled the sympathy and informational message over this edited footage and exported it to a 640 x 480 Quicktime movie for display. This is a reduction of the second version which ran after the weekend of the attacks.
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