FileMaker Pro Developer is a relational database creation software capable of making "runtime" solutions which can be distributed and run without a copy of FileMaker itself. A database is a collection of information, or data, that you can organize, update, sort, search through, and print as needed. Your own address book or filing cabinet might be an example of a real world database. With the address book and filing cabinet, you store similar pieces of information organized for easy retrieval. You can also view a subset of your data, for example only contacts in a particular city. A database doesn’t just hold information, you use a database to organize and analyze information, search, sort and run reports, so that you understand its significance.

These examples were primarily written for Mac OS 9 and are "badged" with a Mac OS 9, X or a combination icon to denote on which OS they will run. They are in Stuffit "sit" format. If you don't have Stuffit Expander a link to the free download is at the bottom right of this page.

OpenItem OpenItem Solution: This is a FileMaker runtime solution, a runtime solution does not require FileMaker to be installed. It comes with and will install the extensions it needs to run on your system. This .sit file contains versions for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.
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