I have done identity design work for many small companies. This usually consisted of creating a "look" from logotypes to stationary, press kits, annual reports, packaging, forms, labels, POP display, posters, billboards, buttons, greeting cards, brochures and other miscellaneous collateral. I've done magazine design, font design, lettering and even sign painting. If it's graphic I'm game.

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving, especially from a visual perspective. Other areas on this web site cover actual illustration. Comic books and children's books all contain design elements, so take a minute to look there too.

These examples are merely a smattering of items, if an example of what you are looking for isn't here most likely I can supply one.

Business Cards

Art Deco Society

Book Design
Product Brochure

Ballet Society

Press Kit
Music Related

Aztec Ace Logo

Reprint Packaging

Comic Book Logotypes

Empowerment Cards
Soap Box

Lotion Labels

Bath Salts
CD Jewel Case