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Sample Exam Questions

  1. What is a highball?
      a. A type of glass used for Margaritas
      b. A type of drink consisting of one carbonated mixer and one liquor
      c. The opposite of a lowball
      d. A really big tip

  2. Which ingredient is in a Long Island Iced Tea?
      a. Bourbon
      b. Lipton iced tea mix
      c. Sour mix
      d. Orange juice

  3. The alcohol content in a shot of scotch is roughly equivalent to...
      a. A twenty ounce draft beer
      b. A twelve ounce bottle of beer
      c. A five ounce glass of wine
      d. Both b and c

  4. Liqueurs mostly add what to a mixed drink?
      a. The alcohol content
      b. The flavor
      c. The color
      d. The snazzy name

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