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The Course
This course has been designed to give you the confidence to get you started working behind most any bar. The information is presented in a concise, easy to use course book loaded with photos for easy reference. You can progress through the course at your own pace, and a course instructor is available to you via email or telephone to answer any questions or concerns. The course is available on CD-Rom or instant download. Order using our secure order form or call Skylark Publishing operators 24 hours a day at
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Tending the Bar and Responsible Serving
The section on tending the bar will take you from opening the bar through closing procedures. The course also deals with the responsibility of serving drinks, explaining the chemistry of mixology and discussing responsible serving so that you or your employer do not wind up liable for the actions of a guest who was over-served. The course also discusses how to take care of your bar and earn tips.

Drink Recipes
There are roughly one hundred and fifty drinks that you should know to be confident behind most bars in the United States. Out of those one hundred and fifty, you will probably use twenty percent to satisfy eighty percent of your business. Which twenty percent you use the most will depend on what kind of bar you decide to work behind. If you are working in a country club, you might find yourself serving a lot of Manhattans, Martinis and Highballs. If you are working in an outdoor cabana bar you will probably be making a lot of frozen Pina Coladas and fresh fruit Daiquiris. If you are working in a nightclub you may be serving mostly Sex on the Beach, White Russians, Kamikazes and lots of bottled beers. This course arranges the drink recipes in alphabetical order in one section for easy reference.
Drink Families
In addition to just giving you drink recipes, OnlineBartendingCourse.com also has a section devoted to how different drinks fit together and are similar or different from other drinks. The Mixed Drinks Family Trees section is designed to help you easily and quickly see the associations between the related drinks. The association memory link system will allow you to file recipes in your memory piggyback style, associated with drink recipes you have already learned. An example of this is the relationship between the Cape Codder, the Woo Woo and the Sex on the Beach. The more drink recipes you learn, the more quickly the rest of the recipes will fall into place. As you proceed through the course you will see how the different families play a key role in easily learning to translate the name of the drink into images of the finished product and the tools and procedures needed to make it happen.

Beverage Components
To make sure that you are completely familiar with all the ingredients that go into mixed drinks and how these ingredients affect the flavor and potency of a drink, there is a section called Beverage Components. This section goes through the various characteristics of the whiskeys; clear spirits; brandy & cognac; liqueurs & cordials; wine, champagne & beer; and mixers & garnishes. In addition there is a separate section called Terms, Tools and Techniques. This section will introduce you to the names of the various tools you will use, various techniques for certain types of drinks, and terminology to make you knowledgeable in the world of bartending.

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